Friday, August 04, 2006

Bulk email marketing software

Are you looking for bulk email software to promote your online business and increase your profits? Seeking ways to promote your web presence? Do you need bulk emailing software to send the ads? If so, our e-mail marketing utilities can help you reach your goals. Many satisfied customers write to thank us. Our software for Internet advertising helped them start their business and make it grow. This graph was recently sent to us by one of our customers. They are doing even better now. You can find a full review of this company's success in the Testimonial section.

Our mass email solutions
We develop software for bulk email marketing (direct marketing) and online business. Our services and utilities help you promote your business. As you might know, the best advertising on the internet is electronic mail. Our tools make it easy for you to create and manage bulk mailing lists for contacting potential customers.

Our email address extraction utilities perform fast and are very flexible. A fresh mailing list is only a few key presses away. Email address extractor searches the HTML files web sites are built with. Enter a valid URL and Atomic Email Hunter will search the site and return all available addresses within minutes.
Our bulk mailer program processes mailing lists of any size.There is no limit to the number of recipients that you can specify. Its easy to use interface lets you get up and running quickly. Launch the program, write or load your message, select a mailing list (even from the files generated by Email Hunter and press 'Start' to send.
Need reach the newsgroups audience? No problems! We have developed the newsgroup extractor too. Using this program you get both e-mail addresses and user names from any available group, including private and password protected.

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